Readers Guides for
Billie A Williams Mystery Books
Knapsack Secrets Readers Guide
1.        What caused Audrey to lose her home?  Could this
have been prevented?
2.        Was Zip fully aware of the gravity of his situation?
3.        Were Zip’s actions to help Valentine and Audrey
believable considering his age and his own circumstances?
Why or why not? Could you suggest ways Zip’s story could
come out differently ?
4.        Do you know what the name Hroc means?
5.        What was Valentine Azuza doing in the story?  Did she
serve a purpose?
6.        Ultimately, how do you feel about Audrey, Zip, and
7.        How did your feeling change about Pendergast and
Parker (the firm) at the beginning of the story as compared to
the end? If they did change, if not, why not?
8.        Do You think Audrey should go back to work for them?
9.        Did the story have a satisfying ending? If not, what
would have made it better for you?
10.        Think over the way the story started, did the events
seem contrived or did they follow a believable course of
actions and reactions?
Watch For The Raven Reader's Guide:
1.        Why was Josh angry with his father?
2.        Can you think of other ways Josh could have dealt
with his anger?
3.        What do you do when you are angry?
4.        Josh's
consequences of his actions were that he
became  scared and alone, he could have frozen to death,
or even have been attacked by wild animals.  Luckily he had
learned some
survival skills. What were they? How did he
use them?
5.        Do you know what a
travois is?
6.        What do gossip and rumors do?
7.        What are prejudices?
8.        The raven is a black bird with a bad reputation thanks,
in part, to writers like Edgar Allan Poe. What do you know
about the bird called raven? Was that bird what Josh was
supposed to watch for in
Watch For The Raven or did it
mean something else?
9.        What can you learn from Josh's experience about the
culture of the Sioux Indians
10.        What was your favorite part in this book?

Legend says about the Raven: Discussion ideas.
Listen to your intuition to receive a message from the world
of spirit.  What does this mean?
Vocabulary words:   

Black, glossy
magician of the feathered world, intelligent
of windswept hills, lonely crags, and dark forest.
swoops on wings of four-foot span. He calls to the
wolves to tell them that a feast awaits, a deer, a bear; and
he calls to you to that you may discover the enchanter within
and give form to the formless.

Listen carefully to his cry, for Raven brings you a message
from the realm of the
Readers Guide for My Brother's Keeper
1.        How did Elle become estranged from her family and her tribe?
2.        Why does Tallulah call Elle home?
3.        What happened to Chief Trublood to take him out of the
picture temporarily?
4.        What does Medicine Woman want Elle to do?
5.        Why are graves being robbed from the Ojibwa burial grounds
6.        Why don't they (the tribe) just move the burial grounds to
reservation grounds?
7.        Have you ever visited a pawn shop? What do you think of
those who pawn their things?
8.        Have you ever been to a powwow? Describe what it was like,
or if you haven't what do you imagine it is like?
9.        From the story, what would you say life on the reservation is
10.        What is your favorite part of the story and why?