I'm Billie A Williams the Mystery Suspense Author. I help turn readers into fans of the mystery genre. As
such, I know how hard it is to find your muse when you suspect it has deserted you forever; maybe you
aren't in the New York Times Best seller list, yet. But, you could be. You may be tired of the cookie cutter
formulas of some of those big names and to help alleviate some of those problems, I created The
Writer's Block Is A Myth 6-Week Course. A few inspiring words from some places you may not have
thought to look, until now, with a look at other books that compliment or contrast with my own ideas that
will entice you to enjoy reading unique and individualized styles.
You will be able to submit exercises for input from me, 250 – 300 word maximum for each lesson you
Just for signing up you get the free booklet Procrastination, Excuses, Writer's Block…
I like to think The Writer's Block Is A Myth 6 – Week Course gives you a positive little message that lets
you know you are not alone, and that you can really find new ways around the dreaded writers block as
long as you don't give up. Dip your toe in a different pond, try something new.
. I receive appreciative e-mails almost every day. It is both encouraging and the motivation I need to
keep bringing more ideas in for you to enjoy.

Go to www.billieawilliams.com and either click on the e-courses tab at the top or click on the Buy Now link
in the side bar for more information. The Writer's Block is a Myth 6-Week Writing Course designed for
you to complete at your own pace, in your own home, or on your computer wherever you may have it.
Sign Up Today while its fresh on your mind. You won't want to miss this opportunity to get your pen or
your fingers moving and words flowing for your success as a writer.
All the best,

The Working Mystery Suspense Author
President, The Mystery Reader Connection
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1.        You will find new to you authors to enjoy
2.        You will find new books to read and enjoy
3.        You will hear what others are reading and why they like the books they read.
4.        You will understand that you may be using writer's block as an excuse not to write.
5.        You are sure to Find new tips, tricks and ideas that match your interests
6.        You will be entertained
7.        You will be encouraged to think differently
8.        You will find new ways to share what you know
9.        You will help others enjoy what you've learned or know by sharing your writing.
10.        You will get free reads, free and fun stuff just for signing up for the course..
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10 Reasons to Sign up for The Writer's Block Is A Myth 6-Week Course
Writer's Block Is A Myth
6-Week Course
For writer's who think their muse has deserted them.